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Re: tlhIngan wo' Dujmey

: In Klingon, I'm guessing ships are refered to with <tlhIngan wo' Duj>
: or <voDleH Duj>, i.e." The Emperor's Ship" (Gilbert and Sullivan anyone?).
> What Emperor Kahless II's personal ship is called is anyone's guess.  Ann
> Schwayder in her John Fordian Neysa and Karan novels called it in
> klingonaase *Kahlesste Cha'* "Kahless' Return", which proved prophetic in
> light of the events later seen in TNG "Rightful Heir".
: Well we do know the name of the Klingon flagship: the Vor'cha.

In "The Way of the Warrior", Gowron and Changeling-Martok commanded the
invasion fleet aboard her.  Since the Klingons hadn't had an emperor for over
300 years until Kahless the Clone (TNG "Rightful Heir"), this ship may have
been taken over by the Supreme Commander {la'quv} - the head of the Klingon
High Command {ra'ghomquv}.  Vor'cha also became the class name for this heavy

There is Gowron's ship, the Bortas {bortaS} - a reference by the Paramount
writers to the long-running 23rd century Klingon video series "Battlecruiser
Vengeance" in John Ford's "The Final Reflection".  Does anyone remember what
the previous Leader of the High Council's cruiser was called when K'mpec
rendezvoused with Picard to tell him he was dying?  This was the episode where
we first met Gowron, who arrived on the scene in the Bortas.  This ship may
however be private, belonging to Gowron's {tuq}.

If we assume that things in the "real" universe have counterparts in the
Universe, then there is the huge battleship Negh'Var, which was the Regent's
flagship.  It may be that there is a Negh'Var in the "real" universe in
somewhere reserved for the emperor or in development.  I believe we saw
ship of this class 25 years after the events of TNG in "All Good Things..."
patroling recently conquered Romulan space.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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