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Re: tlhIngan wo' Dujmey

> quljIb:
> : *Side note: I.D.F. stands for Imperial Defence Force. In Klingon, I'm
> : guessing ships are refered to with <tlhIngan wo' Duj> or <voDleH Duj>,
> : i,e." The Emperor's Ship" (Gilbert and Sullivan anyone?).


> What Emperor Kahless II's personal ship is called is anyone's guess.  Ann
> Schwayder in her John Fordian Neysa and Karan novels called it in
> klingonaase *Kahlesste Cha'* "Kahless' Return", which proved prophetic in
> light of the events later seen in TNG "Rightful Heir".
> -- 
Well we do know the name of the Klingon flagship: the Vor'cha.


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