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Re: nuqDaq Sut je' veqlargh?

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Carleton Copeland wrote:

> >jatlh quljIb:  "Where's veqlargh? I'm going to hurt him for that!"
> Oddly enough, I was under the impression that veqlargh was female, but
this may be only because Ardra claimed the role in "Devil's Due".  Any other
evidence one way or the other?  Were Ardra's claimed incarnations all
female or mixed?
I'm of the opinion Ardra's "incarnations" were of mixed sex. A satan (in
the strictly Hebrew sense of the word) may take many forms, and
since {veqlargh} is anologous to "demon" in english, the female
interpretation may have more than a little validity. :-) Do we know if
{veqlargh} refers to a singular being or one of many or both? IOW, can we
have {veqlarghpu'} [knockers, gnomes, redcaps, hobgoblins, and other
mischievous/malignant sprites]?


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