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Re: museum

Quvar muHwI' wrote:

: But what would Klingons call a museum???
:   {Dochmey tIQ 'aghbogh qach} is a bit too long, and actually just a
: discription for "museum", perhabs an answer to {museum 'oH nuq'e'?}. By
: the way, there are not only old things being shown in a museum. (in this
: one, yes.)
:   To translate somethng like this, we need to get to the roots of the
: word: A museum is a building used for storing and exhibiting objects of
: historical, scientific, or cultural interest. The word comes from latin
: and originates in greek "mouseion", which means "seat of the Muses".
: wejpuH: What's a Muse?? Well, in greek and roman mythology, they are
: nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who inspire poetry,
: music, drama, etc. 

I agree that the Klngons wouldn't care about the ancient Terran Muses.
What is
this building called (and what is the derivation thereof) in those Earth
languages that have *not* borrowed/adapted the Greek/European word "museum"? 
E.g. Arabic?  Japanese?  Chinese?  Hindi?  Navajo?  etc.

In the meantime, how about *{bey' qach} or *{bey'qach}?

>From KCD/KGT we have the noun {bey'}, a ceremonial display or exhibit.  We
of the {betleH bey'} "bat'leth Display", the {nuH bey'} "Pride of Weapons (a
ceremonial display of weapons)" and the {quv bey'} "Honor Display" - all of
which can be seen in Torghn's house in KCD.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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