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Re: Doq'a' SuvwI'pu'?

ja' Voragh:
> 	Q: Doq'a' SuvwI'pu'?
> 	A: ghobe'.  SuD!

I watched my videotape of qep'a' loSDIch this afternoon.  Qanqor and
company were singing {toQDuj DoqDaq mayIntaH Hoch...} (to the tune of
"Yellow Submarine", of course).  Suddenly he stopped playing, and the
question {Doq'a'} was heard, upon which everyone shouted {ghobe'! SuD!}

ja' T'Lod:
>I have no idea why, but I am laughing at this.  What is this from, and what
>is it supposed to mean?

Its origin is obscure, but it's probably the funniest joke in the known
universe, at least among speakers of the Klingon language.  As for what
it means, you'll have to decide that for yourself.  At least you already
have the laugh reflex; that's a great start.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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