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Re: RE: vIjeylu'be'

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 03:14:36 -0400 Qor'etlh 
<> wrote:
> > > Also, note that many of us refuse to deal with anything related
> > > to poetry.
> > jIyaj 'ej HochHa'.
> > nuqjatlh? mu'vam Qav vIghovbe'bej.
> HIvqa veqlargh: Hoch'a'  = Not everybody, not well said. It just came
> out.
> pagh luQo'. yaj'a'?
> Now, does this mean "Not everybody refuses"?

Not even close. Realise that there is no such thing as a 
negative suffix for nouns. {HochHa'} is meaningless. {Hoch'a'} 
means "The Great Everyone" or "The Specially Signficant 
Everything". {pagh luQo'} means "They refuse nothing."}

What you have chosen to say is actually a little tricky. I'd 
probably cast it something like:

Qo' 'op nuv 'ach Qo'be' Hoch.

"Some people refuse, but everyone does not refuse." I can't 
immediately think of a shorter, clear way to say that.

> >> Qor'etlh _valwI'na'_  'oH pong'e'. jIH choqaw'a'?
> > chay' qalIjlaHpu'? DuHHa'.
> qatlho'. qaDuHHa' je.
I said, "How could I forget you? It is impossible."

You said, "I thank you. I am impossible you also."

In other words, your last sentence doesn't make sense. Just 
thought you ought to know.
> > qay'be'. bommey vIbuSHa' neH. jISaHbe'.
> > > 'ach qa'meH vIghajbe'.roD qechvamvaD <<Qu'>> vIlo'.
> > > "Duty" ngaS TKD "definition". <<ghIgh>> yIqel je.
> > I'm firm on Qu'tlhegh. Line or rope work on many levels.
> > Hey, this _is_ poetry.
> > meqvammo' vIbuSHa'. reH bIvlaH bomwI'pu'.
> > vInoHqang qatlh 'e'  DapIH?

I asked, "Why do you expect that I am willing to judge?"

> ghobe. mu'wIj noHqang jIH.

You answered, "No. He is willing to judge my word I."

Don't forget the prefix on the verb. Omitting the prefix implies 
the null prefix, so it is not just that you are not putting in 
something that would be nice to put in. You are accidentally 
indicating the wrong person for the subject/object of the verb.

{mu'wIj vInoHqang jIH} would have meant, "*I* am willing to 
judge my word(s)." Also note that {ghobe'} is an answer to a 
"yes/no" question. I asked "Why", which is not really a yes/no 

All this is just stuff to think about. Don't let it get to you.
>  {{:-O
> Qor'etlh valwI'na'

charghwI' 'utlh

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