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Re: RE: vIjeylu'be'

jatlh jIH:
>> Apologies, my understanding was that the BG only got first crack.
>> I've seen some people jump the gun anyway.

> The point is twofold: In general,
> I don't respond directly to any KLBC posts.
> I will respond to pagh's response to a KLBC post .
> That is the only way I can
> be sure that I'm not jumping in before pagh.
jIyaj. If only it were always so, or that others were as considerate.

Thanks for filling in.
See you at the qep'a'.
(Have fun Camping first! :-)

> Secondly, when mail gets piled up and I feel stressed to face
> the pile, I delete all KLBC mail without looking at it because I
> trust that the BG is taking care of it. That generally makes the
> pile small enough that I feel less stress. I suspect that other
> more experienced people here behave similarly. It is not that we
> are not interested. When we have time, we are definitely
> interested, but after six years of reading this list, sometimes
> 20-50 messages a day, for the sake of sanity, we need a class of
> message to bypass or we get burned out, and KLBC is that class.
I only get one each day. The Digest.
I only ignore that which I don't understand.
Even then I glance at it. You know more, and I'm sure much of it
the level of backround noise. I understand.
It has been lo' these many years, before HoD Qanqor came back.
You've stuck it out for longer.

> For the next four days, I'll be BG, so I will do the opposite.
> While I will try to read all messages, if I have to punt on any,
> I'll punt on non-KLBC messages that lack a subject header that
> looks like I should be involved in it. Likely I won't punt on
> any messages, but sanity is important.
You need not answer this one. Definately don't expect sanity from me.

> > Also, note that many of us refuse to deal with anything related
> > to poetry.
> jIyaj 'ej HochHa'.

> nuqjatlh? mu'vam Qav vIghovbe'bej.
HIvqa veqlargh: Hoch'a'  = Not everybody, not well said. It just came
pagh luQo'. yaj'a'?
Now, does this mean "Not everybody refuses"?

I should really stop doing this at two in the morning.

>> I "got a life", had it, then came back here.

>Nice to know the slot in which you categorize this activity.
Ya' caught me.

>> Qor'etlh _valwI'na'_  'oH pong'e'. jIH choqaw'a'?
> chay' qalIjlaHpu'? DuHHa'.
qatlho'. qaDuHHa' je.

> qay'be'. bommey vIbuSHa' neH. jISaHbe'.

> > 'ach qa'meH vIghajbe'.roD qechvamvaD <<Qu'>> vIlo'.
> > "Duty" ngaS TKD "definition". <<ghIgh>> yIqel je.
> I'm firm on Qu'tlhegh. Line or rope work on many levels.
> Hey, this _is_ poetry.

> meqvammo' vIbuSHa'. reH bIvlaH bomwI'pu'.
> vInonoHqang qatlh 'e'  DapIH?
ghobe. mu'wIj noHqang jIH.


Qor'etlh valwI'na'

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