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RE: KLBC: Todo :-)

jatlh taj'IH:

> I just defined a box for various letters, command orders
> and other paperwork pertaining to things Klingon.
> I had just written "Todo" on it when I started wondering
> how to express such a basic phrase in tlhIngan Hol.

> At the moment I have settled on

> DachimmoH
> = "cause it [the box] to be empty!" ,

> The spelling of course would be DachImmoH....

> but I am not totally satisfied.

Since you intend this as a command, the prefix should be <yI-> rather than
<Da->, but otherwise, this is actually a pretty good way of labeling an
in-box. Another label you could consider is <Qu'mey> - "tasks", but that's
much more boring.

> It is OK for this specific situation (getting rid of
> unfinished work), but what could the generic phrase
> for "Do it!" be? Is it all Klingon to say something
> so general?

The closest thing to "Do it!" is <yIruch> (or <peruch>) - "Proceed!". This
makes sense when the action that the subject will proceed to do is fairly

Another phrase to consider is <yIta'> - "Accomplish it" or <tIta'> -
"Accomplish them". This works well when the object is understood to be a
task - <Qu'> - of some sort.

Beginners' Grammarian

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