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RE: KLBC bom cha'DIch 'e' qon - ghItlh wa'DIch

jatlh pagh taghwI' pabpo':
> The problem is not that it is a fragment. 
> The problem is that when I read <jeybe'> or <jeyHa'>, 
> my reaction is that the hero does not defeat whatever it is that 
> he is struggling with, not that he himself is not defeated. 
> My first suggestion (vay''e' jeybe'lu'bogh) was obviously not a 
> good name for a song, but <jeylu'be'> is.

jIQochbe'. "jeylu'be'" 'oH  pong'e'!

SKI: Your first suggestion was absolutely correct, grammatically.
That is the service you're offering us. :-)
Thank you for your good works. I was going for feeling, definately
something that could unintentionally end up being no' Hol (bad
I was aiming for the clipped form. You have captured that.

My only regret, is that now I find out that ghunchu'wI' has already
done this poem, better.


I'll put what you have suggested together, and move on to the second

Qor'etlh valwI'na'

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