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RE: RE: KLBC: summer's in, school's out

jatlh DloraH:

> would one be correcting the student or the student's errors?

Good question.  Here on the list, I've always seen {Qagh lughmoH} used -
probably because we actually have the noun {Qagh}.  However AFAIK Okrand
himself has never used *{lughmoH} so we don't know whether its object is a
person or a thing.  He has used {lugh} "be right, be correct", which can refer
to either people:

  You're right. TKD

  You're wrong. TKD 

  reH lugh charghwI'
  The victor is always right. TKW 

or, oddly enough, to trees:

  lugh; Sor rur 
  correct as a tree KGT

If in Klingon a person can be {lugh} or {lughbe'}, can s/he also be made
- {lughmoH} "make correct" - as well?  Okrand has used the verb {Qagh}
"err, be
mistaken, make a mistake" thus:

  Qagh yaS wa'DIch
  The first officer errs. KGT

  I have made a mistake. KGT

and the noun {Qagh} "error, mistake" so:

  due to your apparent minor errors TKD 

  QaghwIj vIQIj 'e' yIchaw'neS.
  Permit me to explain my mistake, your Honor. PK 

  QaghmeylIj tIchID, yIyoH 
  Have the courage to admit your mistakes. TKW

Since we can say "explain one's mistake" and "admit one's mistake", I don't
why we can't say "correct one's mistake".  

Whether *Klingons* actually say this is another matter.  Except for Okrand of
course, idioms can't be predicted no matter how much canon you have at your
fingertips.  Just try to explain "correct as a tree".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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