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RE: KLBC: jajwIj

jatlh qonwI':

> pagh, Qaghmey tIlughmoH!



> <jajwIj>

> DaHjaj, Daj jajwIj. ghojwI' jIH neH, 'ach DaH De'wI'mey vIvu'. 

De'wI'mey vu'laH'a' vay'? {{:-)

> wa'vatlh Hu', DuSaqDaq paw cha' SoSbor'a' chu'.

DuSaQ, not DuSaq. And were they really SoSbor'a'mey?  In today's computer
terms, I would only expect <SoSbor'a'> to be applied to a mainframe or a
multiprocessor, refrigerator sized server machine.

> patmey DISughta' boQwI'pu' jIH je.

<Sugh> is "install in office", which I suspect is basically what the Chief
Justice of the US does to the new President. <jom> is "install a device",
and it probably also extends to the virtual sense of installing a piece of

> lo'wI'pu' teywI'mey DIQayta'.

<teywI'> means "file", in the sense of a metal tool. See <tey> - "scrape". I
am quite certain it cannot be used to refer to a data file. You could just
use plain old <De'>, though. The verb prefix would probably change to <wI->
with <De'>.

> DaHjaj, SoSbor'a'mey chu' lo' 'e' lutagh.

Instead of <... lo' 'e' lutagh>, how about <... lo'choH>.

> qay'bej.


> choH'a'meyvam DIqaSmoHDI', bep ghotpu'

Your word choice in the first part is interesting, but correct.

> {Qapbe'chu'!} jatlh vu'wI'. 
> {pat vInaw'laHbe'!} jatlh vu'wI' latlh.

'Iv chaH vu'wI'pu'vam'e'? lo'wI'pu' Daqel 'e' DaHech'a'?

> choHmey DIqIlqangQu'! 'ach {qItbe'!} jatlh De'wI'.

I think you meant <... DIqIlqangqu'>. Otherwise good.

> qay'chu'qu' 'e' wIQub!

<tlhoj> would probably be better than <Qub> here.

> ghu'meyHeychaj DInuD.
> Hung ngoqmeychaj lIjpu' cha' lo'wI'pu'. 

vaj yIjang. yIjatlh <Hung ngoqlIj DalIjchugh, not De'lIj DaSuqqa'>  {{:-)

> De'wI'Daj chu'Ha' lo'wI' latlh.
> vaj, qay'be'pu' choHmey! QIpbej lo'wI'mey jay'!

I don't think you need the <-pu'> on <qay'>. And even as annoyed as you are
at your users, you  should still use <-pu'> rather than <-mey> for the

Overall very good. Most of my corrections were pretty minor. maj.

Beginners' Grammarian

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