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RE: KLBC: jajwIj

: jatlh qonwI':
: > patmey DISughta' boQwI'pu' jIH je.
: <Sugh> is "install in office", which I suspect is basically what the Chief
: Justice of the US does to the new President.

Or in more Klingon terms, what Arbiter of Succession {cho' 'oDwI'} Jean-Luc
Picard did to Gowron, whom he had just named Leader of the High Council
DevwI'}, i.e. chancellor {Qang}.
: > lo'wI'pu' teywI'mey DIQayta'.
: <teywI'> means "file", in the sense of a metal tool. See <tey> - "scrape". I
: am quite certain it cannot be used to refer to a data file. You could just
: use plain old <De'>, though.

Or even better, use {ta} "a record, file", as used by Okrand:

 ghotpu' tamey   personnel files
 may' ta         record of battle
 tamey ngo'      archives

and others here on the list:

 *bom ta         music recording/cassette/CD
 *De' ta         data file (diskette, CD, data solid, isolinear chip/rod)
 *ghogh ta       voice recording, audiocassette, sound file 
 *HaSta ta       video recording, videotape
 *tojbogh ta     hologram

In context with {De'wI'} and {SoSbor'a'}, {ta} alone would be perfectly clear,
unless you're talking about both paper and electronic files together.  (Do
still even use paper files and dossiers in the 24th century?)

: pagh
: Beginners' Grammarian

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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