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Re: modified Klingon spelling

ja' (lay'tel sivten):
>I use a slightly different version of the Klingon alphabet.  It avoids the
>"eye vs. ell" problem and makes the text a little bit shorter too.

First, you already have been told adequately why you shouldn't do this.

Second, it does not avoid the problem very well.  A lowercase "i" and a
lowercase "l" differ only by one or two dots in the kind of font that
causes the trouble in the first place.  It also makes accidental "ch",
"gh", and "ng" pairs quite easy, adding to the confusion.

Finally, there is *already* a slightly different version of the Klingon
alphabet that is used in certain situations.  It's a lot like yours, but
with all the letters being *uppercase*.  {q} becomes "K", and the multiple
character glyphs are rendered {ch} -> "C", {gh} -> "G", {ng} -> "F", and
{tlh} -> "X".  This "spelling" is used with the KLI's unofficial pIqaD font.
I have also jokingly used it to do Klingon Morse code and Klingon Braille,
neither of which deals with uppercase/lowercase distinctions fluidly.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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