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Re: KLBC qaDHom

jatlh pagh:

> qen De'wI' Quj chu' vIje'. Klingon Honor Guard ponglu'. chu'be' Qujvam, 'ach

[nop mu'mey]

> Thus I present this KLBC challenge: translate this English sentence.
> --- First, harm not the honor of the patient. ---
> Some advice - a strictly literal translation will NOT be the best
> translation. Also, the hardest part will be "first". Do NOT use <wa'DIch>.
> The translation provided by the game manual can be found at the bottom of
> this message. I advise against reading it if you want to respond to the
> challenge.

qaDHommey vIparHa'!

bItaghDI' SID batlh yI'oy'be'

Nelson Lamoureux
«Boire sans soif et faire l'amour en tout temps,
Madame, il n'y a que ça qui nous distingue des
autres bętes.»

«When belief in a god dies, the god dies.
When the last acolyte renounces his faith
and turns to another deity, the god ceases to be.»
    Harlan Ellison

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