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Re: Genderless Klingons?

ja' qa'ral:
>tlhIngan Hol seems to be genderless to an extent unusual for Terran (or at
>least Indo-European) languages.  Do any nouns other than <be'>, <be'Hom>,
><be'nal>, <be'nI>, <SoS> and <SoSnI'> necessarily refer to females?  Are
>there other words like <'IH> (beautiful/handsome) and <joH> (lord/lady) that
>do double duty by comparison with English?

Almost all of them. :)  There's no separate word for "empress", for example,
and {pIn'a'} "master" can work for at least some meanings of "mistress". :-)

You missed pointing out that there are no neutral Klingon nouns for "parent"
or "sibling", however.  The mismatch in concepts is one of the fun things
about learning a language like Klingon.  You are aware of the two verbs {Saw}
and {nay}, right?  That's a distinction that English lacks, leading to such
phrases as "take (someone) as a wife".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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