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Genderless Klingons?

Do we have any canonic <tlhIngan Hol be' pong> with endings other than <-a'>, <-r>, or <-IS>?  I had theorized these were feminine endings, but have since found numerous counterexamples among <loD pong>, e.g., <qerla'>, <qImtar>, <qorIS>, etc.  pong'e' lo'bogh loD be' je' lutu'lu''a'?

tlhIngan Hol seems to be genderless to an extent unusual for Terran (or at least Indo-European) languages.  Do any nouns other than <be'>, <be'Hom>, <be'nal>, <be'nI>, <SoS> and <SoSnI'> necessarily refer to females?  Are there other words like <'IH> (beautiful/handsome) and <joH> (lord/lady) that do double duty by comparison with English?

QInwIj bojangDI' tuquvmoH!


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