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RE: pImba' bang parmaqqay je.

Zrajm C:
> 'IHchu'. 'ay'vam vIparHa' law' Hoch vIparHa' puS.
: The law'/puS comparitive form only works with verbs "... expressing a
: quality or condition".
: For this sentence, you could say <jIHvaD 'ay'vam qaq law' Hoch qaq puS>,
: or something similar.

To avoid over-using {qaq} for comparitives, go back to {'IH}:

  'ay'vam 'IH law' Hoch 'IH puS.  vIparHa'.

The law'/puS formula is actually more useful than it first appears if you
shift your focus a bit and recast your thought.  Okrand has used it quite
imaginatively in some of the SkyBox texts.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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