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poSmoH => make sthg be open
vuvmoH => make sthg/s.o. respect someone
But how do we say 'I made him respect them' (pronouns unimportant)
subject I object him and another thing: them!
And how do we say "You will die on your knees'
and another thing: does *DIvI` Hol pab* discriminate between the two
causative verb groups above (transitive=>transitive vs. intransitive=>
transitive)? We call them 'ettirgen' and 'oldurgan' in Turkish,
respectively.( make do, make be roughly)

peQorgh'egh!                                        QeHHoS
*** yInmeH yuQ mach lughaj 'ach HeghmeH qIb naQ lughaj ***

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