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Re: question

ja' Judith Hermans:
> [Klingon as common language]
> Does anyone ever heard of this story? Is it correct? Is it true?

I've heard it, but only as a "friend of a friend told me he heard it"
legend.  There are enough people on this list that I'd expect one of
us to have heard the tale directly from the people involved.  It's a
little hard for me to imagine two people fluent enough in Klingon to
make a scenario like this to work, neither of whom are known to this

ja' Voragh:
>Klingono estas la nova Esperanto.  vIparHa'qu'!

Doq'a' Esperanto Hov?...

>Maybe we all should start wearing little Klingon trefoils on our lapels
>when we
>travel.  {{;-)

That's what the KLI's {DeghHom} is for.  Dat yItuQtaH!

-- ghunchu'wI'

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