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Re: Sao Palo

: At 09:33 PM 6/3/99 -0700, you wrote:
: >All that information was very nice but, I do believe there was an error in
: >the reading of the plaque.
: >
: >It didn't say it was dedicated to the people of Brazil,  it said  the Soa
: >Palo cost more than the people of Brazil made last year................
: I'll check again, but that seems an unlikely thing to be writen on a plaque
: durring a time when money does not exist.
: SuSvaj

Don't bother.  That's supposed to be a joke.

BTW, please be more careful about quoting text.  The insulting comment above
about "more money ..." wasn't mine.  If you're going to delete all the
I did make, be so kind as to delete my name as well.

: >-----Original Message-----
: >From: Steven Boozer <>
: >To: Multiple recipients of list <>
: >Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 3:17 PM
: >Subject: Re: Sao Palo
: >
: >>SuSvaj asked:
: >>: jabbI'ID ghomvamDaq "Brazil"nganpu' tu'lu'chugh, vaj jIHvaD ngoDvam
: >>: peQIj.  'Iv ghaH *Sao Palo*?
: >>:
: >>: On the recent DS9 episode "The Dogs of War" Captain Sisco was given
: >>: command of the new defiant class starship U.S.S. Sao Palo. The
: >>: plack on the bridge was inscribed with the words "Named for the
People of
: >>: Brazil."

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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