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Re: Klingon vs. Navaho

Several folks have very promptly sent me private email informing me that
THE ONION is indeed a satirical paper, and that my reply to their editor
was variously an over-reaction or misguided.

That may well be. I first heard about the story via two separate news radio
producers who wanted interviews about the "Navaho-Klingon story."
Apparently I'm not the only one to not get the joke.

I probably wouldn't be irritated (and thus more prone to laugh) if they
hadn't gone out of their way to mis-represent the KLI and to use bogus
names (and one misapplied Klingon name).

More to the point, haven't we taken enough abuse for interest in something
as unusual as Klingon? Satire or parody of Klingon speakers is about as
difficult as making fun of the fat kid at school, the one with the lisp,
whose mother does his haircuts at home.

My apologies if my being miffed (the story doesn't rise to the level of
outrage) seems misguided. Doubtless I'm too close to the issue. HIvqa'



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