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Re: jajmey vIqawlI' -- rIn qep'a' javDIch

>Qapbej qep'a' javDIch.

ja' QInteS:
>jIDach 'e' vIpay.

bIlugh, Dapaybej. :-)  wa' nem yIjeS.  tIvbej SaHwI'.  po'nISbe'lu'.

>reH qep'a' jaH'a' Marc Okrand?

rut nuSuch.  wej ben pawDI' numerchu'.  cha' ben SaHmo' mabelqu'.
wa' ben lenglI'mo' ghaH, qep'a' SuchlaHbe'.  qep'a' javDIchDaq
nughomqa'mo' maQuchqu'.  ghaH wIghIjbe'choHlaw'pu'. :-)

>> We told stories and sang songs and played games.  We took the newly
>> crafted evaluation tests.
>What were the tests like?  An overview of everything?

I'll wait for Holtej to get settled and publish the description of the
tests, but I'll describe them briefly:  There were three levels of tests
administered.  The beginner level tests knowledge of specific vocabulary
and grammatical rules taken from TKD.  The intermediate level one includes
*everything* from TKD, and the advanced test is basically "anything goes,"
with a section on idioms and a reading comprehension test.

>How did you do?  A+++++!

I did not get every question correct on all tests, but I'm told I did
get a passing grade on them all.  There were supposed to be trinkets of
some sort given out to acknowledge the achievements of those who passed
varios levels, but apparently the first run of them was of poor quality
and Lawrence decided to wait for something more suitable.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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