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Re: jajmey vIqawlI' -- rIn qep'a' javDIch

Alan Anderson wrote:

> Qapbej qep'a' javDIch.

jIDach 'e' vIpay.

>  Qapchu' 'e' vInoHlaHbe' 'ach Qapbejqu'.
> qabDu' ngo', qabDu' chu' je DIlegh.  taghwI'na' po'wI'na' je DItu'.
> ghuy'cha' nom jatlh nIchyon'e'.  taQmo' QIchDaj, Qatlh vIyajmeH Qu'.
> SaH je Marc Okrand.  wanI' tIvqu'law' ghaH.

reH qep'a' jaH'a' Marc Okrand?

> lut DIjatlh.  bom DIbom.  Quj DIQuj.  wIchovlu'.
> mareH 'ej maqID 'ej majaw.
> tlhoS 'entepray' wIjon! :-)
> qep'a' javDIch was an unqualified success.  Sure, there were things
> that theoretically could have gone better, but nothing was *wrong*.
> There were old faces and new, beginners and otherwise.  As for Nick
> Nicholas -- dang, he talks fast!  I had a very hard time trying to
> understand him through that weird Greek/Klingon accent.  And of course
> Marc Okrand, who seemed to genuinely enjoy being there.
> We told stories and sang songs and played games.  We took the newly
> crafted evaluation tests.

What were the tests like?  An overview of everything?  How did you do?


>  We played and joked and chatted.  And we
> almost took over the Enterprise. :-)
> mu' ghaj DIvI' Hol:  Glorious.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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