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KLBC: Re: jIlIH'egh

Hi pagh,

> Welcome to the list, Surak. My name is pagh, and I am the current Beginners'
> Grammarian for the list. It's my job to help new people learn Klingon.
> Whenever you have a post you want help with, mark it for my attention with a
> KLBC in the subject line.

qatlho'. QaHlIj vISuqnIS. :)

> > tlhIngan Hol vIparHa'.
> maj. batlh Daghoj.


> > Holvam Daj.
> Remember Klingon sentence order: object-verb-subject. In this sentence, the
> subject is <Holvam> and the verb is <Daj>. There is no subject: <Daj
> Holvam>.

'oH vIghovpu'be'. DaH Qagh vIlegh.

But your last sentence "There is no subject:" - I guess you meant there is no object,
didn't you? 

> > jIghojlaH 'e' vItul.
> Daghojbej, vaj bItul 'e' yImev {{:-)>
> You *are* learning, so stop hoping.

*lol* lu'! 'ach jIDub'eghlaH 'e' vItul. ;) 

> > HolvamvaD vIvumrup.
> maj. The prefix here, though, should be <jI->, since there is no object.


> > *g* Ok, now it's too late to write more ... tomorrow I have to get up
> > at 4:45 in the morning :(
> Do'Ha'bej.

HIja'. DaH jIDoy' ,)

> > Good night! Schlaft gut! ramraj QaQjaj! :)
> A common Klingon idiom is <maj ram>, which you can use here if you like.

luq. wa'DIch "maj ram" vIghItlh 'ach 'oH lugh 'e' vISovbejpu'be'

> majQa'! yIHem! This is the best first message I have seen in a while, and
> there have been a lot of good ones lately.

Wow! :)

*mail*wIj wa' qabpu'be'mo' jIQuch. jIHvaD mutlhaQ tlhIngan Hol. :)

> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian


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