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RE: Star Trek terms in Klingon

jatlh Tom West:
> Bajor-bejor   Bajoran-bejor'ngan
> Would these be the correct translations and 
> transliterations into Klingon

jatlh C.J. Qel:

> well, all i can say is that bajoran is probably right 
> since terran is terra'ngan , terra= ngan meaning a people

Actually, "Terran" is <tera'ngan> - one <r>. The reason it is <tera'ngan> is
that the Klingon name for "Earth" is <tera'> - with a last letter of <'>. In
Klingon, the <'> is a full fledged letter, just like <t> or <Q> or <tlh>.

The name for an inhabitant of Earth is <tera'> plus <ngan>, so it has a <'>.
<beyjor> does not have a <'>, so the word for "Bajoran", which is just
<beyjor> plus <ngan>, does not have a <'>.

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