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Re: Star Trek terms in Klingon

well, all i can say is that bajoran is probably right since terran is
terra'ngan , terra= ngan meaning a people

C.J.  "Qel"

--- Thomas West <> wrote:
> Star Trek terms in Klingon
> Borg-borgh
> Dominion-DomInyan
> Jem'Hadar-jem HaDar
> Vorta-vorta'
> Changeling-mojwI'
> Founder-taghmoHwI'
> "Deep Space Nine"-tengchaH Hop Hut
> Bajor-bejor   Bajoran-bejor'ngan
> Would these be the correct translations and 
> transliterations into Klingon
> Qapla'
> Tom West
> Live long and prosper!

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