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RE: Star Trek terms in Klingon

jatlh Tom West:

> From: []

toH! romuluSngan ghoqwI' SoH'a'? pagh qaja'! pagh!

> Star Trek terms in Klingon

I don't believe Marc Okrand has ever used any of these except DS9, so I will
assume he has not. I will comment on how well I think they fit, but I would
not use them myself, and my advice certainly does not make them acceptable. 

> Borg-borgh
> Jem'Hadar-jem HaDar

Both fine.

> Vorta-vorta'

It's hard to say whether Klingons would add the <'> or not.

> Dominion-DomInyan

I suspect since "dominion" is an English word rather than an proper name in
an alien tongue, Klingons would have a similar Klingon term for the thing.
Perhaps something involving <wo'>, or maybe even <HI'tuy> (now there's a
word you don't get to use every day).

> Changeling-mojwI'

I like it. It would certainly be understood, as would a number of other

> Founder-taghmoHwI'

Even better: <cherwI'>.

> "Deep Space Nine"-tengchaH Hop Hut

This one is easy - Marc Okrand translate it for us on a Skybox card: <logh
Hop Hut tengchaH>. 

> Bajor-bejor   Bajoran-bejor'ngan

Bajor could also be <bajor>, or more likely <beyjor>. It's hard to say how
Klingons would pronounce it. Bajoran (a person, not an adjective, btw) would
be <beyjorngan> - the <'> does not make sense between the consonants <r> and

> Would these be the correct translations and 
> transliterations into Klingon

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