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Re: Hello !

jatlh peHruS:

>In a message dated 7/24/1999 12:20:07 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
><< See the KLI's Merchandise page. You can get it from there if you have a
> > credit card. If you don't have one, ask your local bookstore if they can
> > order it for you. The ISBN is 0-671-74559-X. The ISBN for Kligon for the
> > Galactic Traveller is 0-671-00995-8 >>
>cha' ghogh tamey vIchup:  CK PK je bIH.  I recommend two tapes:  They are
>Conversational Klingon and Power Klingon.

lI'bej cha' tameyvam. lI' je TKW. 'ach 'utchu' TKD 'ej 'utbej je KGT. Hoch
paqmey Hoch tamey je je' neHDI' vay', Huch law' poQlu'. tlhIngan Hol
HaDchoHlu'meH yap TKD. jabbI'IDghomvam QInmey laDlaHmeH vay' KGT poQba' je.
vaj cha' paqmeyvam vIwIv 'ej bIH Suq taghwI' 'e' vIchup.

Yes, the two tapes are useful, too. TKW is also useful. However, it's very
expensive to buy all Klingon language resources at the same time. What you
really need is TKD, and if you want to understand the posts on this list,
you'll need KGT, too. So I decided to recommend these two books first.

>At least CK is essential for beginning to learn the proper pronunciations.

TKD at least describes the pronunciations, so you're not completely helpless
without CK. It's a matter of priorities, but I'd sugggest getting a grasp of
grammar and vocab first, before you bother to make your pronunciation

>hope someday the KLI qep'a' (conference) will be held in Europe, too.

*Europe*Daq qaS qep'a' vItulqu' je. *Europe*Daq qaSchugh chaq jIjeSmeH 'eb
vIjonlaH. 'ach *Europe*Daq ghaytanHa' qaS. Do'Ha'.

>our experts can re-deliver their speeches about how to pronounce Klingon
>we can all practice together.


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