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Re: KLBC-Fr.

jatlh peHruS:

>In a message dated 7/22/1999 7:12:08 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
><< >(wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIv.
> I'd suggest putting {-ta'} an {vIwIv}. You have not yet completed the act
>of choosing a name. And your choosing is intentional, hence the {-ta'}, and
>not {-pu'}.
> > vIQublI'...)
> Good use of aspect.  >>
>jIQochchu'.  qab *aspect* lo' 'e' vIHar.  *aspect* mojaq Dalo'
>DaneHbejchugh, {-lI'} Dalo' 'e' vIchup.  chIch Qu' Dachavta'chugh vaj mojaq
>{-ta'} Dalo' net chaw'.  *perfective* wanI' Del.  *imperfective* qel {-taH}
>{-lI'} pagh je.

wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIvta' - I have not yet chosen my name.
wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIvIwlI' - I am not yet choosing my Klingon name.

{wej} sets the time frame. Within this time frame you can have actions that
are happening (suffixes: -0, -taH, -lI') and actions that have already
happened (suffixes: -pu', -ta').
An example: DaH tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIvlI', 'ach wej vIwIvta'.
1 DaH - sets time frame for first sentence
2 tlhIngan pongwIj - direct object
3 vIwIvlI' - the choosing is happening at the set time (DaH), the goal
(having a name) is in sight, but not yet reached
4 'ach - conjunction
5 wej - sets time frame for second sentence
6 vIwIvta' - the choosing has already happened at the set time ({wej}
represents a certain point in the future), i.e. the decision for a certain
name has been taken; it happened intentionally

Another attempt: {wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIvta'}
Think of it as "I have already chosen my Klingon name" - {tlhIngan pongwIj
vIwIvta'}(we don't have a Klingon word for "already", but the meaning won't
be affected if we leave it out) . I guess you don't have a problem with
Now negate the whole thing: "I haven't chosen my Klingon name yet" - the
opposite of "already" is "not yet", and that's {wej} in Klingon. So we get:
{wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIvta'}.

>luchbe'chugh *aspect* vIlo'meH mIwwIj, vaj jIHvaD vuDmeyraj tIQIjchu'!


QIj 'e' nIDta' 'ej nIDtaH po'wI'pu' law'. Do'Ha' Qapbe'law'. QaQqu'bej
qeSna'chaj. nIvlaH qeSwIj 'e' vIHarbe'.



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