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jatlh vay':

>>> BTW: it's KLBC, not KLBG. The abbreviation stands for: Klingon Language
>>> Beginner's Contribution.

jatlh Holtej:
>>Wow, just when I thought I had seen every possible interpretation of what
KLBC might be,
>>some creative person comes up with another one. :)

jatlh HovqIj:
>I think I've seen the interpretation "Contribution" before. >Unfortunately I
>thought it was the right one...

jIjatlh jIH:

ta vInuDta' 'ej KLBC 'oghlu'DI', "Conference" 'oS "C"'e'.  ja'chuq taghwI'pu' 'e' 'oS per.

DaHjaj ghel taghwI'pu' 'e' 'oSlaw' KLBC.

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