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jatlh Holtej:

>> BTW: it's KLBC, not KLBG. The abbreviation stands for: Klingon Language
>> Beginner's Contribution.
>Wow, just when I thought I had seen every possible interpretation of what
KLBC might be,
>some creative person comes up with another one.  :)

I think I've seen the interpretation "Contribution" before. Unfortunately I
thought it was the right one...

>As it turns out, the original
>suggestion was for a beginner's conversation, where beginners could
read/write back and
>forth, using simple, direct sentences for practice.  Then the Beginner's
>position was added, and the rest is history.  The C in KLBC was for

De'vam vIqawHa'ba'. HIvqa' veqlargh.

>That little tidbit had been forgotten for a long time, though, and many
>suggestions were put forth.

... of which I remembered the wrong one.

>SuStel, if I remember correctly, called it the Beginner's
>Corner (which I really liked).  Other ones were "Club" and "Conference."
There were
>probably others, too.

mu'mey law' 'oSlaH "C". qech rap lu'oSmo' mu'mey puS mujchu'be'.
I once suggested "Klingon's a Little Bit Complicated" for fun.

>> HovqIj
>> -- temporary BG
>-- Holtej 'utlh
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