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jajmey vIqawlI' -- rIn qep'a' javDIch

Qapbej qep'a' javDIch.  Qapchu' 'e' vInoHlaHbe' 'ach Qapbejqu'.
qabDu' ngo', qabDu' chu' je DIlegh.  taghwI'na' po'wI'na' je DItu'.
ghuy'cha' nom jatlh nIchyon'e'.  taQmo' QIchDaj, Qatlh vIyajmeH Qu'.
SaH je Marc Okrand.  wanI' tIvqu'law' ghaH.

lut DIjatlh.  bom DIbom.  Quj DIQuj.  wIchovlu'.
mareH 'ej maqID 'ej majaw.
tlhoS 'entepray' wIjon! :-)

qep'a' javDIch was an unqualified success.  Sure, there were things 
that theoretically could have gone better, but nothing was *wrong*. 
There were old faces and new, beginners and otherwise.  As for Nick 
Nicholas -- dang, he talks fast!  I had a very hard time trying to 
understand him through that weird Greek/Klingon accent.  And of course
Marc Okrand, who seemed to genuinely enjoy being there.

We told stories and sang songs and played games.  We took the newly 
crafted evaluation tests.  We played and joked and chatted.  And we 
almost took over the Enterprise. :-)

mu' ghaj DIvI' Hol:  Glorious.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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