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Re: [chegh] and new word [tatlh] (from Marc)

: {nobHa'} to me implies handing back to a person something that
: person previously gave you; {tatlh} implies putting back in
: its original location something that you removed on your own.

> In the case of the library book, however, one is returning something
> given by the library.

: Unless Klingon libraries have self-checkout!

Surely in the 24th century most publications can be read online on the
Imperial Information Net (if you have the requisite security access, that
I'd imagine that what libraries there are would be more in the nature of
archives {tamey ngo'} or special collections, housing ancient manuscripts
{ghItlhmey tIQ} and rare books {paqmey qub}.  If so, it's extremely unlikely
you could just take something off the shelf, or out of the vault, and walk out
the door with it.

But then, that may just be me.  IRL I'm a rare books cataloger at the
University of Chicago Library.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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