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where do you live? (from Marc)

>From the startrek.klingon news group:

>Will Martin wrote in message
>>And which of the following would be the most common form
>>of the question,
>>"Where do you live?" and what form would the most common
>>answer take?:
>>nuq DaDab?
>>nuqDaq DaDab?
>>nuqDaq bIDab?
>Actually, the most common form of the question "Where do
>you live?" is not a question at all, but a command such as:
>Daq DaDabbogh yIngu'    "Identify the place where you live"
>(<Daq> "place"; <DaDabbogh> "that you live at," made up of
><Da-> "you [do something to] it," <Dab> "live in/at, dwell
>in/at, inhabit" <-bogh> "relative clause marker"; yIngu'
>"identify it!" consisting of <yI-> "imperative prefix,"
><ngu'> "identify")
>Perhaps a translation such as "Identify the place that you
>live at" or "Identify the place that you inhabit" is more
>Answers are likely to be brief and to the point:
>Daqvam "this place"  (<Daq> "place," <-vam> "this")
>pa'    "there"
>naDev  "here"
>qachvetlh "that building"  (<qach> "building," <-vetlh>
>Qo'noS    "Kronos"
>It is possible, however, to respond with a full sentence:
>Daqvam vIDab     "I live at this place"
>pa' vIDab        "I live there"
>naDev vIDab      "I live here"
>qachvetlh vIDab  "I live in/at that building"
>Qo'noS vIDab     "I live on Kronos"
>(<vIDab> "I live in/at," consisting of <vI-> "I [do
>something to] it," <Dab> "live in/at, dwell in/at,
>Of the three suggested ways to ask "Where do you live?" the
>first is the most acceptable:
>nuq DaDab    "What do you inhabit? What do you dwell at?"
>(<nuq> "what?"; <DaDab> "you live in/at it, you dwell in/at
>it, you inhabit it," containing the prefix <Da-> "you [do
>something to] it")
>The English translations of <nuq DaDab> are very awkward
>(from an English point of view) and don't get across the
>sense of the Klingon all that well.  The less literal
>"Where do you live?" is what is really being asked.
>In Klingon, when one lives in a place or dwells in a place,
>he or she is thought of as "occupying" or "inhabiting" that
>place; not doing something at that location, but doing
>something to it (occupying it).

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