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KLBG beginner's %#!%*!!

ghel *pI'lo, (do I have to use a mark to denote my name is not a canon word?)

which is correct?:

1) be' tuQHa' bejlu'taHmeH tachDaq jIbaj.

I used tuQHa' rather than tuQHa'moH because *to me* I see the activity as being
naked, the display of it, rather than the process of becoming that way as
entertainment. (Just call me an old fashioned ecdysiast anachronism)

2) be' tuQHa' bejlu'taHmeH tachDaq 'e' vIbaj.

I am confused. I don't WORK the nightclub, I work AT (-Daq) the nightclub. Is the
nightclub the object of the verb (baj) ? I know that the verb "to work" is not a
verb of knowing or observation, but does TKD 6.2.5 apply to this situation?

yImISHa'choHmoH          pI'lo

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