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Re: juppu' vInej

This is not marked KLBC, but I wanted to point out a few little errors.

jatlh Clayton:

>ICQ tetlhwIjDaq tlhIngan Hol jatlh ghotpu' vIchelqang.

You need a relative clause here. Also watch prefixes. {...tlhIngan Hol
lujatlh(laH)bogh ghotpu''e'...}

>tlhIngan Hol bIqeqqangchugh, mI'wIj yISuq.


>14972249 'oH. jIjawqangqu'.
>tlhIngan Hol Dajatlhchugh qoj Daghojchugh HIchel.
>HochvaD Qapla'.
>Do You Yahoo!?
>Get your free address at

Qapjaj Qu'lIj!

-- temporary BG

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