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Re: Qutlh and ngaq

In a message dated 7/20/99 9:37:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< jatlh T'Lod:
 > chay' pIm <Qutlh> <ngaq> je?
 To start with, <Qutlh> is a verb and <ngaq> is a noun.
 <Qutlh> came from the Klingon Bird of Prey poster, and I must admit I don't
 remember the discussion of it and I don't have the poster handy to look at.
 I believe it means "support" in the physical sense - as the beams in a house
 support the roof.
 <ngaq> is a noun meaning "support", with the added note "(military term)". I
 would interpret this as all the military personnel and equipment not
 directly involved in front line fighting. This probably includes non-combat
 functions like communications, intelligence and medical care as well as
 secondary combat functions, which, depending on the type of combat, could
 include basically anything. One modern Earth example is a group of ground
 troops calling for air support and getting a couple of helicopters with all
 sorts of really nasty weaponry to back them up.
 As a side note, the wordlist for Holtej's excellent program pojwI' several
 versions ago included <ngaq> as a verb, so many of the old timers on this
 list learned it that way and sometimes have trouble unlearning it.
 Beginners' Grammarian >>

choQaHmo', qatlho'.  DaH cha' mu'meyvam vIyaj.


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