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Re: gods (from Marc)

Mark Okrand wrote:
>There is a Klingon word that could be translated "god" or
>"supernatural being":  <Qun>.

: What about a "messenger of the gods," or "angel"?  Anything more
: on Klingon Mythology?

How do we know that the {Qunpu'} didn't deliver their own messages sans
middleman?  (If you want something done right, do it yourself.)  Or that
they even sent messages at all?

Seriously, I'd think that {Duy} "agent, emissary" or {'oSwI'} "emissary,
representative" would be quite clear.  And if you like *{Qun Duy} for
"angel", you might get away with using *{Qun Duy'a'} for "archangel" -
though you would no doubt have to explain to a Klngon exactly what you
meant by "ambassadors of the gods".  (But then you'd have to explain Terran
religions in detail to a Klingon anyway.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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