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Airplane Rides (continued)

nabwIj vImuch:

Wednesday wa'maH wej rep North Las Vegas Airportvo' tlheD Duj. wej
raQpo' vIHIjlaH.  jeS luneHlaw' charghwI', ghunchu'wI', pagh, Qanqor,
Qor'etlh, Holtej je 'ach Wednesday jeSlaHbe' pagh ghunchu'wI' je.  wej
ram leng DIch vIghaj.

ghaytan wa'maH vagh rep machegh 'ej latlhpu'vaD lengHom cha'DIch vItIv.

bIjeS DaneHchugh DaH HISovmoH.

At one pm on Wednesday I will be flying out of North Las Vegas Airport
in a four-seater plane.  So far six people have expressed interest in
flying, but two have confirmed they can't make it on Wednesday.  I'm
hoping that three people *can* make it. My tentative plan is to fly one
two or three hour trip (the city, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon) and then
return to take a shorter trip for anyone who can come later.  The cost
will be US$65/hr, divided by the number of people on board, including
me, based on the time the airplane engine is running.  

If you *know* you want to and are able to go on the 1 pm departure,
even if you are one of the people named in the Klingon part of the
message above, let me know as soon as possible.  If you think you will
be able to go for an hour or so at 4 or 5 pm., let me know by noon on
Wednesday.  I will try to arrange an evening flight later in the week
so that everyone who wants to can fly.

Note that "North Las Vegas Airport" is NOT the north end of McCarran
International (the main international airport).  It is a different
airport, still in the city, but further (guess where) north.  It should
be on a city map.  I'm going to trust the cabs can find it.

Note also that it is an airport, and that airplanes are not big on
shoulder room, so weapons, fire, jokes about Klingon terrorists, and
bulky costumes are best left at the hotel.  We will not be flying over
Area 51 or Nellis Air Force base (but we'll probably see the latter,
and possible some of its jet traffic, from the air).

I will be at the airfield at about 10:30 am (I have to have a checkout
ride before I can rent a plane) so last-minute messages on Wednesday
could be left either at the hotel for me (I'll call in and check) or
with the flying club (702) 646-9432.  
Qov - pab 'utlh

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