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jItlheD; qep'a'Daq vIghoS

qep'a'Daq vIghoSmeH wa'Hu' jItlheD.  *Nevada-Daq vIjaHpa' *Colorado-Daq vIjaHnIS.
*Colorado vISuchtaHvIS chaq De'wI' vIlo'laHbe'.  jISovbe'.  jIpawDI' ghaytan vaghvatlh QIn
vIlaDnIS, qar'a'?

I am leaving tomorrow for Colorado, where I'll be until Wednesday, when I go to the
qep'a'.  I won't be back home until after the qep'a', and I don't know if I'll have access
to e-mail while I'm gone.  So, if you have any list administration issues that need my
attention, they will have to wait until I return (and can recover from the mountain of
mail I will likely have waiting for me!).

-- Holtej 'utlh

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