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Re: jItlheD; qep'a'Daq vIghoS

yIqIm! SuvwI'pu',
jItlheD; qep'a'Daq vIghoS.

For those bold enough to be attending qep'a'javDIch,
the annual Convention of the Klingon Language Institute;
[ /kli/qepa.html ]
I fly out Tuesday. I still have no roommates.
Anyone still in need of a room may contact me at the Showboat Hotel,
in Las Vegas, NV. Come on down, even for a day.
I'll already have checked in by later Tuesday afternoon. 

We can also be found at the ST:Experience Thursday.
Be there, in Uniform! 

How many Klingons DOES it take to fill Quarks?

tIqlIj Da'angnIS.

Qor'etlh valwI'na' aka Kevin Burgess


Qor'etlh valwI'na', Daq marr tuq, tlhIngan wo' Duj QonoS qa'
qepHom 'utlhHom - Klingon Language Institute.
{qo'mey poSmoH Hol}language opens worlds /
Maybe I'm wrong, but I am always Qor'etlh.
{nuq, vISaH?} - What, me worry? - 
{yIn nI' yISIQ 'ej pechep.}
{Qapla' batlh je!}
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