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Re: RE: KLBC-Fr.

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999 19:28:28 -0400 "Andeen, Eric" 
<> wrote:

> jatlh Francesco:
> >> naDev nuq 'oS <qej>? 
> > HISlaH! latlh wot vIlo' 'e' vIHech. Dochvam vIHech: 
> > QumlaHchu'be'bogh Hoch reH lun runqu' ghItlhlaH 

nuqjatlh? nuq 'oS *lun*? mu'qoqvam vIghovbe'.

> > poHvetlh <David Barron> tlhIngan Hol paQDI'norghmey vIghojta'. 
> > paQDI'norgh QavDaq lut run bom joq vIghItlhnIS. chIch vay' 
> > run vIghItlhqangbej je jIH 'e' vIwuq 'ej <Hovmey...> 
> > vIghItlhchoH. QaQqu'law' bomwIj jatlh <David> 'ej <jatmey>vaD
> > vIngeHta'. 
> maj. <run> is "be short (in stature)", so I would definitely expect it to
> apply to people and animals, and probably to buildings and desks and trees.
> I would not expect it, however, to a story. Think of it as the opposite of
> "tall". Instead, you could use <ngaj> - "be shore (in duration)". It may be
> questionable whether this applies things like stories or not, but it fits
> with my understanding of it.

If you are talking about the physical story (characters on a 
page not using up much space), you might also choose {tIqHa'}.
> HIja'. tlhIngan pong yIwIv. 'ach yImoDQo'. yImoSQo'. pong DaparHa'qu'bogh
> yIwIv.

charghwI' 'utlh

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