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qep'a'Daq pemI'rupqu'

This is Pillow from Anchorage, Alaska
    I want to post a message to qep'a' bound KLI folk about my Klingon
Kalisthenix group in the unofficial 8am spot at the conference. My
"class" is for fun as much as exercise, and I encourage beginners and
people who don't usually go to aerobix classes to try it. This will be
an adaptation of my "Bone-Head Aerobix" program, which is more like a
very irreverent Tai-Bo crossed with 7th grade PE with me shouting in
tlhIngan Hol over a boom box. I want everyone to bring a sense of humor
and clothes appropriate for sweating. I'd advise participant to not wear
their good Quch, as jumping up & down with a big rubber thing on your
head can get uncomfortable!
    Do come and shout with me, but don't heckle me in compound sentences
as I'm pretty much a beginner. If you don't know what I look like, I'll
be the one with the lumpy doo-rag on my forehead, maybe wearing bodypart
nouns printed in mirror script on my old leotard & tights.
    If you e-mail me in tlhIngan Hol, please keep the message short. I
hope to see you all.
                                                            Ms. Pillow
ps. I've never done this e-mail group-thing before. I hope it works, or
could someone give me info as to how to do this. Also I've never
recieved e-mail from this forum (or whatever it is) so please add me to
the list or let me know how to sigh up.
Sathlo'    }}};-)

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