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RE: YosemiteDaq KLBC

jatlh tIm:

> After a recent trip to Yosemite National Park, I started 
> wondering about how a klingon might translate the park's 
> two "mottos"(slogans?); "I made it to the top" and "Go 
> climb a rock"

> I've tried and of course I think they're pretty good, but 
> whenever I have that good feeling, I've crashed and burned.  
> So I ask the grammarian and you to find the faults in:


> Dung'a'Daq jItaHta'   I made it to the top

I don't think the suffix <-'a'> makes much sense on <Dung> here. <Dung>
means "area above, area overhead". What would the augmentative suffix do to

I suspect you meant <jaH> rather than <taH> for the verb. A recent interview
with Marc Okrand in HolQeD has helped us to better understand the
relationship of <-Daq> and verbs like <jaH>. It seems that <X-Daq jIjaH>
basically means "I go *in* X", while <X vIjaH> or <X-Daq vIjaH> mean "I go
*to* X". In light of this, you should probably say <Dung vIjaHta'>.

You could also consider some other verbs: <Dung vIghoSta'>, <Dung
vIlengta'>, <DungDaq jIpawta'>. You could also consider <SIch>, which means
"reach". I interpret <SIch> as being perfect for this - <Dung vISIchta'>.
Unfortunately, it could also mean the action you do with your arm when going
after the sugar high in the cupboard, and without canon use (and I'm pretty
sure there isn't any), we can't tell for sure.

Finally, since this is a slogan, you could go for a completely different
phrase that captures the spirit but is not a very literal translation: <HuD

> yItoSqu' nagh         Go climb a rock

Don't forget Klingon OVS sentence order. The object - the rock - has to go
before the verb. Also, the suffix <-qu'> doesn't make much sense here - "go
*really* climb a rock". With these corrections, it's <nagh yItoS>.

There is a similar phrase described on the Klingon audio tapes from the
curse warfare section: "Go mate with your targ!" - <targhlIj yIngagh!

Beginners' Grammarian

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p.s. I don't know what mailer you are using, but it looks like it's
converting your apostrophes to <=92>. You should probably fix it if you can.

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