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Re: Are Terranized Klingon names interchangeable with their

ja' ghunchu'wI':

> cha' pong DawIvchugh, cha' pong Dalo'nISchu'taH.
> If you consistently use both versions of the name when appropriate,

That's the tough part, doing it in an appropriate manner.

> the way HoD Qanqor/Captain Krankor does, it should eventually work
> fine as people come to know you under both spellings -- eventually.
> I've always thought {QInteS} was an appropriate "Klingon" spelling
> for your name,

'e' vIparHa'qu'!  Qap {QInteS}!

That's perfect.  Just what I was looking for.  The problem is, how to
intergrate it into my Klingon persona without being too abrupt.  I'm a
pretty firm believer in "if you use a name for a good while you're better
off sticking with it" and I do like my name but I just haven't been
satisfied lately seeing that it appears to be more Terran than Klingon.  I
think I'll stick the Klingon spelling up by my e-mail for a while but
still sign my posts the same.  I'm not sure how else to make the
transition.  It's definately going to be confusing on the newsgroup.

> by the way, but if you pronounce it {qI'rInteS} then
> go right ahead and spell it that way.

Oh my.  You should hear me try to pronounce it.  Or your name for that
matter.  Gun chewy.  :)  I'm working hard with Power Klingon though and I
think I'm improving my pronunciation.

> -- ghunchu'wI'


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