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Re: Are Terranized Klingon names interchangeable with their

It's really quite simple. You did not come from the same region 
as the current empiror. You recently decided that it might help 
you in your interest in promotion to restate your name in the 
current, official dialect.



On Thu, 8 Jul 1999 04:18:59 -0400 K'ryntes <> 

> ja' ghunchu'wI':
> > cha' pong DawIvchugh, cha' pong Dalo'nISchu'taH.
> >
> > If you consistently use both versions of the name when appropriate,
> That's the tough part, doing it in an appropriate manner.
> > the way HoD Qanqor/Captain Krankor does, it should eventually work
> > fine as people come to know you under both spellings -- eventually.
> >
> > I've always thought {QInteS} was an appropriate "Klingon" spelling
> > for your name,
> 'e' vIparHa'qu'!  Qap {QInteS}!
> That's perfect.  Just what I was looking for.  The problem is, how to
> intergrate it into my Klingon persona without being too abrupt.  I'm a
> pretty firm believer in "if you use a name for a good while you're better
> off sticking with it" and I do like my name but I just haven't been
> satisfied lately seeing that it appears to be more Terran than Klingon.  I
> think I'll stick the Klingon spelling up by my e-mail for a while but
> still sign my posts the same.  I'm not sure how else to make the
> transition.  It's definately going to be confusing on the newsgroup.
> > by the way, but if you pronounce it {qI'rInteS} then
> > go right ahead and spell it that way.
> Oh my.  You should hear me try to pronounce it.  Or your name for that
> matter.  Gun chewy.  :)  I'm working hard with Power Klingon though and I
> think I'm improving my pronunciation.
> > -- ghunchu'wI'
> K'ryntes

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