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Re: Are Terranized Klingon names interchangeable with theirKlingon counterparts?

ja' K'ryntes:
>pongwIj vIchoH vIneH.  vIQoy 'ej mubelmoH.  'ach vIlegh 'ej jIyonbe'.
>tlhInganna' 'oHbe'.  chaq *qI'rInteS* vImaS.  vIchoHta'chugh, vay'

cha' pong DawIvchugh, cha' pong Dalo'nISchu'taH.

If you consistently use both versions of the name when appropriate,
the way HoD Qanqor/Captain Krankor does, it should eventually work
fine as people come to know you under both spellings -- eventually.

I've always thought {QInteS} was an appropriate "Klingon" spelling
for your name, by the way, but if you pronounce it {qI'rInteS} then
go right ahead and spell it that way.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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