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Re: KLBC challenge

> It would really have helped to have included the original 
> example here. Without it, further discussion is pointless. I 
> thought that {wa'} followed the verb, as in {yI-X wa'}. 
> Meanwhile, it is not here to observe and I don't feel like 
> digging through the archive.
> charghwI' 'utlh
sigh!!! I'm terribly sorry, Sir, I know you haven't had a
lot of time to share and I am honestly grateful for your
willingness to temporarily fill in as BG.

I thought that the portion I quoted was, indeed, sufficient
background for my question. But let me state it again:

In the phrase "Advance one!", I, not being a native speaker
of English, do not readily recognize "one" as being the
subject of the verb "advance"; thus my confusion about its
being treated as such in the Klingon translations.

If it really is some kind of subject for the phrase, I'd be
interested in what it *means*! Does the speaker tell the
group of people he adresses to chose one of them to step
forward as a representative? Then, I'd translate that as

wa' yIDuvmoH!

(don't care about what to say for "one of you" at the moment)

if it means they should all step up *in turn*, one after the
other, then say that (I, myself, would not know how, though)!

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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