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> tIv wo'*union* jaj!
> <aiming for: Enjoy Empire Uninion Day!>
: ghay'cha'. One of the audiotapes (Conversational Klingon, I think) describes
: Empire Union Day, but I don't remember what the Klingon name was. I think it
: was <wo' tay' jaj>, but I am not sure. Perhaps our canon master can help ...

We've never actually heard the Klingon name for Empire Union Day; Okrand
only discussed it in English on "Power Klingon".  He did however mention
{QI'lop}, the holiday honoring the Klingon military, which is apparently a
different holiday.  In the "Radio Times" materials Okrand translated United
Kingdom as {wo' tay'}.  

I've seen *{wo' muvta'ghach jaj} for Empire Union Day on this list, but we
still don't know its official name.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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