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Re: terminate / finish / end

jatlh Edy:

>mu'tlheghvam vIghIthlmeH wot vIlo'nISbogh
>(Wich verb is more appropriate):

That sentence has no main verb!

mu'tlheghvam vIghItlhmeH wot vIlo'nISbogh yIngu'.

>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIbaq
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIrInmoH
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIchu'Ha'
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vItaHHa'
>I'm hosting a game and I'll finish it on turn 75.

How about

qaSpu'DI' 'ay' SochmaH vagh Quj vIrInmoH.

I'm not thrilled about {'ay'} for "turn," but I see no better word.  Maybe
{ta'Hom}?  Or {ta'ta'ghach}?  {mIw}?  Or what about

SochmaH vaghlogh vangta'DI' QujwI'pu', Quj baq.

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